Interference on 5B4CY repeater

Complaints have been reported regarding interference on the input of 5B4CY repeater coming from Lebanon.

Repeater Frequencies/Tone are:  144.125 +600 KHz  T88.5

All monitoring stations are requested to submit their feedback ASAP to OD5RI (RAL Monitoring Service Coordinator) in order to submit the complaint accordingly to the local Authorities.

Russian TV Channel - 2006 War Coverage


People look at it as a strange hobby until a war or a disaster occurs. When the whole country is cut from the rest of the world their strange hobby may become the only mean of communication.  

 CQ twenty meters! This is Oscar Delta Five Tango Echo! 

It means Lebanon is on the air. When Israeli missiles bombarded Lebanon, the whole radio amateurs’ world waited for these calls. During the bombings, main communication assets failed in lots of areas. Amateur Radio Operators were available for support and capable of operating under the most extreme circumstances. Numerous messages were relayed varying from welfare to urgent messages. 

Once the country was attacked, an emergency net was activated and manned for the duration of the war with the support of the fellows Amateur Radio Operators around the Globe. Situation became so dangerous as communication towers were a main target for missiles. Some hams were forced to bring their towers and antennas down and operate through alternative antennas such as simple wire antennas.   

George and Maria did not leave their radio shack during the 33 days of bombing. They say it’s very convenient when there are two radio amateurs in the family: “you can always find a substitute at the microphone.” Says George – OD5QB 

“This is very good. Everybody realizes, what means to be a radio amateur, especially now. Our son is much interested in this. I believe he will become a radio amateur. And I will help him to succeed in that.” Says George – OD5QB 

Radio Amateurs, aka Hams from all around the world helped Lebanese Hams in passing and delivering messages worldwide.  

“This is the spirit of amateur radio. We are always ready to help each other, especially in such emergency situation. When all communication means fail, Amateur radio the solution.” Sayd Maria – OD5QT

A whole month there was no bombing in Lebanon and even now it is hard to make a phone call to Russia, because connection is too bad. But you can easily speak to Russia at any time with the help of amateur radio station. And everybody who will listen to you certainly asks, if you need any help. And everybody will transmit “7” and “3” that means “best wishes” among radioamateurs.

“Yes, Vasilly, thank you very much. Good bye and 73 .“ That’s it. They can hear us in Russia. 

Kirill Polinin – UA6CT, Denis Alekseyev, Channel One, Russia.

Translated by : OD5TE , Hani  - Sept 2006


RAL Participates in Davos 2005

OD5RI - Riri has represented RAL at the Davos, Switzerland Conference 2005 and was Elected IARU Region 1 Information Programme for Handicapped Radio Amateurs (IPHA) coordinator.

CQ OD Q1 2008

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CQ OD 2005


Download the CQ OD 2005 release.



CQ OD 2003


Downlaod CQ OD 2003 Newsletter


RAL responds to TRA LNFT consultation



Following the invitation of the Radio Amateurs of Lebanon (RAL) by the ‎Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) to comment on the recently published ‎draft Lebanese National Frequency allocation Table (LNFT), RAL have submitted today the official response.  

Click here to see RAL's response.

Spectrum is scarce resource. The TRA’s mission is to harmonize the spectrum use with international developments and stimulate technological innovation and competitiveness. The Authority has also the responsibility to effectively manage radio spectrum taking into consideration the government and private sector’s needs. In that effect, experts at the TRA have issued for the first time, the Lebanese National Frequency Allocation Table based on ITU Radio Regulations and the Provisional Final Acts of the ITU WRC07. The LNFT is an essential and transparent document that exhaustively details frequency allocation schemes in Lebanon. Its publication is a major milestone in the efficient use of spectrum and will benefit such as interference reduction.


From the President's Desk

Dear OM/YL,

Wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the support and trust you have put in the Executive Committee (EC) elected on November 9, 2007. The committee has started from the first day addressing the urgent matters and moving forward in re-defining Amateur Radio in Lebanon.  Throughout the last few months RAL EC have succeeded in:

- Actively recruiting new members
- Establising committees with the Ministry ot Telecom and the Telecom Regulatory Authority
- Establishment of Lebanon Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)
- Holding a General Assembly meeting on January 11, 2008.
- Holding Regular EC meetings

The EC and advisors are currently working on the upcoming Amateur Radio Exam preparation and will be releasing a 2008 Study Guide and will be holding an training session in the near future.

Everyone's support is well appreciated.  

73 de OD5TE, Hani
RAL President


ImageGAREC-08 Gearing Up for HamRadio 2008 in Friedrichshafen, Germany (Mar 13, 2008) -- The fourth annual Global Amateur Radio Emergency Communications (GAREC) Conference is scheduled for June 26-27, 2008 in Friedrichshafen, Germany, held just prior to HamRadio 2008. That event, called "the Dayton of Europe," is scheduled for June 27-29. GAREC's schedule is continuously being updated and is subject to change.

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