RAL General Assembly reminder

The upcoming RAL General Assembly will take place in 2 weeks.
Date: Friday January 18th 2013 
Place: Universite Saint Joseph USJ, Human Sciences Campus, Bloc C, 2th floor, Room C217, Mathaf, Beirut
Time: 5:00 pm
For directions and other inquiries, contact OD5RI - Riri, RAL Secretary.
Please be there on time.

Rachid Idriss - OD5FI Ex President of RAL ( SK )

A RAL member, one of Lebanon’s Amateur Radio pioneers and Ex. RAL President (1982), Dr. Rachid Idriss – OD5FI passed away on Friday December 28, 2012.

In this time of bereavement, and on behalf of the Radio Amateurs in Lebanon (RAL), we convey our heartfelt condolences and sympathy to his family, friends and to all those who admired him as they mourn his loss.  Rachid is survived by his beloved wife Janne and his Children Salim, Hazem and Suheila and Iffat. May his Soul rest in Peace. 

Salim can be reached at 03-638 637 or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Amateur Radio Kids' Day: Jan 6, 2013

Kids' Day is an event designed to promote Amateur Radio to our youth. Share the excitement with your kids or grandkids, a Scout troop,  or the general public. 
Kids' Day is an on-air event to encourage young people (licensed or not) to have fun with Amateur Radio. It is designed to give on-the-air experience to youngsters and hopefully foster interest in getting a license of their own. It is also intended to give older hams a chance to share their station and love for Amateur Radio with their children.

If you've never operated on Kids' Day, you are missing something delightful. Open up your shack to a family member or invite the neighbor kids over - watch for the looks of surprise and delight as they make a contact or two. If you don't have a kid of your own, get on and be the station that creates those happy moments. You won't regret it!

Season's Greetings

Merry Christmas

World Amateur Radio Day 2013

Each year on 18 April, radio amateurs around the world celebrate World Amateur Radio Day.  On that day in 1925 the International Amateur Radio Union was founded.  In 1913 there occurred the first recorded instance of amateur radio being used to provide communications in a natural disaster, during severe flooding in the Midwest of the United States. Accordingly, the theme of the event for 2013 is “Amateur Radio: Entering Its Second Century of Disaster Communications.”  Activities on the occasion of World Amateur Radio Day 2013 can be a great opportunity to spread the word about what the “hams” are doing in the field of disaster communications in the 21st Century.

Season's Greetings

Happy New Year 2013

RAL General Assembly

The upcoming Radio Amateurs of Lebanon (RAL) General Assembly will take place on Friday 18th of January 2013 at 17:00 at the Universite Saint Joseph (USJ), Beirut 


For any inquiries,  contact OD5RI - Riri, RAL Secretary .

RAL 60th Anniversary

November 21, 2012 marks the 60th anniversary of Radio Amateurs of Lebanon (RAL) . RAL is committed to success through dedicated 60 years of service with exceptional achievements locally and internationally on different fronts. A time to reflect on the past and build on the achievements as the society moves forward.
Congratulations and appreciation to everyone who contributed in the success. 

Radio Amateurs of Lebanon (RAL) elects a new board

Following the resignation of RAL Executive committee, at its meeting on 28 July 2012, the Radio Amateurs of Lebanon (RAL) General Assembly elected a new Executive Committee for a 3 years term.

President & RAL Official Representative : Hani Raad - OD5TE
Vice President : Elie Kadi - OD5KU
Secretary and Monitoring System Coordinator: Rizkallah (Riri) Azrak - OD5RI
Treasurer : Mohamad Khalil - OD5UI
Accountant : Amin Al Habbal - OD5HP
Member and IARU Liaison: John Gibran - OD5RW
Member and HF/VHF Coordinator: Michel Homsi - OD5TX
Member and Emergency Coordinator: Hussein Skafi - OD5UE

QSL Manager: Rizkallah (Riri) Azrak - OD5RI

IARU Coordinator :John Gibran - OD5RW
IARU HF and VHF Manager : Michel Homsi - OD5TX
IARU Emergency Coordinator : Hussein Skafi - OD5UE
IARU Monitoring System Coordinator: Rizkallah (Riri) Azrak - OD5RI

OD5LN - Naim at the 3rd International Ham meeting in Djelfa, Algeria [May 16-20, 2010]

شارك الزميل نعيم OD5LN   في الإجتماع الدولي للهواة من 16 حتى 21 ايار 2010  في مدينة الجلفة، والتي تبعد 350 كلم جنوبا عن العاصمة  الجزائر . شارك في هذا الحدث هواة من ايطاليا، بلجيكا، فرنسا، لبنان، تونس واسبانيا

ابتدأت الرحلة من مطار الجزائر حيث كان في انتظار OD5LN الاخ محمد جاب الله 7X2DD  رئيس نادي جلفة، والذي اصطحب  المشاركين الى مدينة جلفة في رحلة استغرقت ثلاث ساعات ونصف في باص مكيف. استضيف المشاركين في مضافة الولاية وكان النشاط اليومي على الراديو يتم من بيت الشباب التابع للولاية .

افتتحت المناسبة بحضور والي ولاية جلفة  احمد تهامي ورئيس مجلس الشعب في الولاية مختار حميدا وبعض فعاليات المنطقة وعملت ثلاث محطات راديو طيلة مدة المؤتمر على CW-SSB  بهوائيات البعض منها صنع محلي وتم استعمال اشارة نداء 7U3GDW   خلالها وتوزيع الشهادات للمشاركين. استضيف المشاركون من قبل الاذاعة المحلية ,واجريت مقابلات واسئلة عن هذه الهواية. قام الزميل نعيم OD5LN باقامة STAND  متواضع باسم لبنان، عليه خارطة وعلم لبنان وبعض الملصقات والمعلومات عن لبنان. تخلل النشاط عدة زيارات لمعالم طبيعية واثرية  كجبل الملح، عين ابل، زكار. كانت رحلة العودة بنفس الطريقة حيث انطلقنا بالباص من جلفة الى مطار مدينة الجزائر بصحبة محمد جاب الله

كانت الاقامة جيدة يوصى بحضورها السنوات القادمة .تتقدم جمعية هواة الراديو اللبنانيين من نادي جلفة والرئيس الاخ محمد جاب الله     7X2DD والقيمين على النشاط بخالص الشكر والتقدير لضيافتهم الكريمة ونشاطاتهم القيمة بما فيه خير لهواية الراديو. انقر للإطلاع على الصور

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