World JOTA/JOTI gathered the scouts of Lebanon at the largest event on the airwaves


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JOTA 2008The Radio Amateurs of Lebanon (RAL) in association with the Lebanese Scouting Federation have participated in the 51st Jamboree-On-The-Air (JOTA) / 12th Jamboree-On-The-Internet (JOTI) that took place between 18 and19 October 2008.

Over 300 scouts from 29 scouting associations in Lebanon participated this year. JOTA operated under OD5RAL on HF all bands and JOTI through Echolink.  Click here to see the Picture Album from the JOTA/JOTI 2008 Event

"We scouts of Lebanon want to thank the Radio Amateurs of Lebanon for making our jamboree more interesting and meaningful" Said Scout Leader Tania Tabet, Program Commissioner at the Lebanese Scouting Federation. 

Throughout the 48 hours of the event, Boys and Girls scouting groups from across Lebanon participated in the event and kept 15 computers, 1 HF station and 1 VHF station running for JOTI and JOTA. Amazing contacts were established with various world scouts groups from 23 countries on JOTA including scouting groups from:  Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Azores, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Chile, England, French Polynesia, Japan, Lebanon, Morocco, Netherlands, Oman, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Swaziland, Switzerland, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, United States of America and over 100 countries on JOTI.  A special contact was established with The amateur radio station HB9S of the World Scout Bureau in Geneva. Click here to see a recording of the event

Amateur Radio Participants included: OD5ET- Joe, OD5FV – Johnny, OD5KU - Elie, OD5QB – George, OD5QT – Maria, OD5RI – Riri, OD5SB - Rami, OD5SX – Nabil, OD5TE – Hani, OD5TX – Michel, OD5UK - Abdullah, OD5UX – Mario, K4ELE - Elie, PU2SPA – Spiro, VE3MYN – Munir, OD5/W5YFN – Ken, Mourad Halwani (SWL), Ziad Tabbara (SWL)

Tabbara General were generous in providing a Yeasu FT-1000MP HF Radio for the JOTA 2008.

This was a unique opportunity for each individual Scout to get the real feeling of belonging to a worldwide movement through the use of Amateur Radio.

Click here to see the Picture Album from the JOTA/JOTI 2008 Event

Click here to see a recording from the JOTA/JOTI 2008 Event

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