World Amateur Radio 2008



Each year on the anniversary of its founding, April 18, the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) marks World Amateur Radio Day.On this, the 83rd anniversary of its inaugural meeting in Paris, the IARU dedicates World Amateur Radio Day to the radio amateurs, educators and administrators who use Amateur Radio to support technology education in the classroom.

This year's theme for World Amateur Radio Day is "Amateur Radio: A Foundation of Technical Knowledge." World Amateur Radio Day. It was also an opportunity to RAL for publicizing Amateur Radio through the Media Channels to the interested public that may not be familiar with ham radio activities.



Two major articles were published on Friday April 18 in Annahar and Al-Hayat newspapers:


There was also a 3 minute coverage of the news on Future TV in "Akhbar Al Sabah" at 8:15 am Beirut time.

Special appreciation goes out to everyone who participated and supported this media campaign: OD5KU-Elie, OD5KZ-Carmen, OD5NH-Puzant, OD5NJ-Gaby, OD5QY/EL2BN-Bassam, OD5RW-John, OD5SX-Nabil, OD5TX-Michel, K4ELE-Elie, VE3MYN-Munir.
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