RAL responds to TRA LNFT consultation



Following the invitation of the Radio Amateurs of Lebanon (RAL) by the ‎Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) to comment on the recently published ‎draft Lebanese National Frequency allocation Table (LNFT), RAL have submitted today the official response.  

Click here to see RAL's response.

Spectrum is scarce resource. The TRA’s mission is to harmonize the spectrum use with international developments and stimulate technological innovation and competitiveness. The Authority has also the responsibility to effectively manage radio spectrum taking into consideration the government and private sector’s needs. In that effect, experts at the TRA have issued for the first time, the Lebanese National Frequency Allocation Table based on ITU Radio Regulations and the Provisional Final Acts of the ITU WRC07. The LNFT is an essential and transparent document that exhaustively details frequency allocation schemes in Lebanon. Its publication is a major milestone in the efficient use of spectrum and will benefit such as interference reduction.


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