Ham Radio Deluxe V6.0 Released


HRD Software, LLC announced the release of Version 6.0 of the Ham Radio Deluxe Software. The product will be available at noon on Friday, February 8th, 2013. This culminates more than a year of development with both the free 5.x versions and the new 6.0 versions.

Features include 8 new DX awards, 7 updated awards, QSL card label printing, support for new radios, true FSK for RTTY, RTTY for SuperSweeper (CW coming in an .0X release), support for AR and CC clusters, QSX support for select radios (more coming in a .0X release), new rotor support and much more. One of the spectacular new features for DXers is in the DX Cluster window. These new Worked Status Indicators (WSI) icons let you know if you’ve worked that spot on country, band, mode, band/mode, and/or leaderboard (for DXpeditions). The new cluster also has support for indicating if the spot is a member of LOTW or eQSL. 

Videos for Version 6.0 are also provided on our YouTube channel | You can purchase and download the product at HRD website.

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