Download “Hamsphere” and talk on the radio in a simulated environment.

The founder of DxTuners has created an artificial radio world based on the same natural laws of shortwave radio propagation. Skip, fading, QRM, QRN, multipath phase effects etc. are all factors and rules in this simulation. The system follows the ionospheric laws of radio wave deflection, but the rules can be bent - just a little. Any operator can use this system, licensed or not. (There is no RF emitted on a real shortwave band).

The Radio Kitchen:

"Long Live short-wave" is a cassette produced in 1979 by British pop music producer (and shortwave radio fan) Mitch Murray.   it contains a lot of information on shortwave listening on side one and really not much is out of date. The science remains the same. Antenna information and propagation science are explained briefly. In fact, side one is really dedicated more toward the shortwave hobbyist rather than the casual listener. Side one ends with longtime BBC personality, Henry Hatch, who had been DXing since the hobby really began. He offers a charming DX pep talk and some good advice for the hobbyist. I like the way he emphasizes on how weak the signals are after traveling around the world and how they need the utmost care and attention upon arrival. Makes you wanna warm some milk for the poor things.

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