OD5 Lebanon RAL 65 anniversary Summit activations


OD5 Lebanon RAL 65 anniversary activations, this coming weekend.

The Lebanon Association is very rarely activated and if memory serves me right, in about eight years, there has only been three activations so far, therefore definitely one for the Chasers to listen out for...

For the Activators, there's a chance of an extremely rare Summit to Summit contact with OD5 Lebanon. To the best of my knowledge, there has only ever been one S2S completed since the Association was founded.

RAL, the member society of radio amateurs of Lebanon, will celebrate this year its 65 anniversary Happy birthday! Therefore Eva, HB9FPM, and Andy, HB9JOE, as associated members of RAL, will activate under OD5RAL/P the following summits (first activations):

4 or 5 February 2017 (depends on the other programme of our friends OD5TE, OD5RI and OD5KU)
- OD/BE-004 Baabdat
- OD/BE-005 Jabal Chaoui

Good luck to Andy, Eva and their friends, hope you all have a successful activation.


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